Cloud Services

Cloud based solutions are changing the IT landscape. The benefits of cloud includes better scalability, fault tolerance, and lower operational costs. Kaygees provides cloud migration and management services.

Cloud Management

Just because services are running in cloud, it does not mean that they don’t need monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and end-user support.

Kaygees provides 365/24/7 support service for your cloud stack. Whether it is AWS. Azure, or Google Cloud, our team is always monitoring to ensure up-time, performance, and most importantly, cyber security. In addition our team is always available to provide end-user support.

Cloud Installation & Migration

Setting up operations on cloud requires careful planning and architectural expertise to build a cost-effective solutions. Any mistakes in architectural decisions could have long term ramifications for any organization.

Kaygees architectural experts will carefully review an organization’s current technology stack, current and projected future usage, etc.. to design an efficient cloud architecture which is cost efficient. Kaygees Devops team will then work to setup cloud systems, and will migrate existing applications and data from on-premise or Data center. Kaygees development 7 Q/A team will be available to  help with any code level issues and to test and verify successful migration.

Cloud Management

Starting from
$ 99
  • Optimize for cost
  • Monitor Performance/Uptime
  • Monitor Security/Intrusion