Communication is vital and our team is unique in that we are always on the ball and the client is never left guessing as to the status of their project. Clear communication and asking the right questions begins from the first time we talk to the client. During the project, we communicate clearly with our clients about the project status, progress, and alpha, beta and final delivery deadlines.

Communication is a two way street. While we are always in contact with our clients, for our clients, reaching us is as easy as picking up the phone or sending a quick email to a real person.


We deliver when we say we will deliver. This means that we not only work hard to achieve the goals set but also stay realistic and not make false promises. That said, we love tight deadlines and our team seems to thrive on it!

Project Proposal & Cost

We take a consulting approach with every client and listening to and understanding our client's vision comes easy to us. In addition to the specific features, we pay particular attention to understanding our client's business goals. Based on this, we are able to provide our input on technical feasibility and various options available to solve the business needs.

We are usually able to propose multiple solutions to the client's needs. We outline the pros and cons for different options and the associated costs. The discussion about cost is important and an integral part of a project. Our clients are able to make their own decisions weighing the cost/benefit of each option.

Once a solution is finalized, we prepare a project proposal that provides our clients with specific details of development plans, milestones and deliverables, and schedules.


We believe in creating value for our clients. Hence in most cases, we create a payment plan that is tied with deliverables and/or milestones. This ensures our clients can be comfortable knowing that their valuable resources are spent on solid performance and not empty promises.


Our expertise is broad and encompasses a number of popular commercial and popular platforms. These include LAMP, Oracle Java/J2EE, database, and applications, Microsoft .Net, Windows, Windows Mobile, Dynamics, Sharepoint, Exchange, Salesforce, Apple MacOS, iOS (for iPhone and iPad), Android (Smartphones and Tablets), Blackberry, and a number of other technologies.

We are technology agnostic. We evaluate each project and propose technologies that are the best tools for the job at hand.

UI and Graphics Design

We believe in creating products which are simple and easy for everyone, including those with little or no technical background. In addition, we believe that for a product to be functional it does not have to be ugly looking. A visually attractive User Interface is crucial for the success of a product.

To this end, we spend a lot of effort in designing User Interfaces which are simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. We frequently work with client's UI and graphics design teams but also have internal design teams to create world class user interfaces.

Last Minute Changes

While we try to avoid last minute changes, we are well aware that sometimes these can not be avoided. Hence, we diligently work with clients to incorporate any last minute changes that are important to our client. Any potential impact on cost and deadlines are communicated to the clients, who in turn make the final decision.

Feedback & Referrals

We do our best to build the best products and solutions for our clients and go out of our way to deliver more than we promise. We are proud and grateful that we have clients and partners who are happy with us and constantly recommend us. We appreciate your feedback and referrals!