Mobile technologies and Social networking are changing the ways business is done. Kaygees helps enterprises stay competitive and agile using modern technology solutions. Our expertise lie in building advanced enterprise solutions using web, mobile, Cloud, and traditional Intranets.

Enterprise Partners

Kaygees developer level relationship with industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and allows to build and extend enterprise application based on industry leading platforms.

Customer Relationship

In addition to building mission critical enterprise applications, Kaygees also develops customer facing social, mobile, and web applications taking advantage of social media and improving customer communication and improve brand awareness and significance.

Open Source

Kaygees believes in the power of open-source and as such provides full services utilizing popular open source enterprise software such as OpenERP, OpenTaps, and OpenBravo, and SugarCRM. We also provide large scale databases solutions based on open source databases such as MySQL and PostgeSQL.

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