Technology Solutions Built Right!

Kaygees was established in 2005. Our business model has evolved from solely web-related software development to include the rapidly evolving mobile and enterprise technology development. Whether you are a new/small business or a large enterprise, we are happy to work with you! We can build and manage your web-related efforts, integrate CRM solutions (salesforce), build user-friendly mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.) or customized multimedia or voice solutions. You name it, we do it!

Kaygees is at the forefront of web and mobile software development. We develop advanced consumer facing web portals (including eCommerce, Social Networks, Directories, etc.) and mobile applications which break new grounds and improve life. We also develop enterprise solutions based on popular web and enterprise technologies, as well as SaaS and Cloud platforms such as Salesforce and Amazon Cloud Services. We specialize in multimedia content management, streaming, and delivery on a variety of fixed and mobile platforms. Whether you are a brand new start-up, existing small business, or a flourishing enterprise, you understand the significance of incorporating technology in today's highly competitive business environment.

Kaygees helps clients stay ahead of the curve by taking on their software development goals. We create innovative yet practical, technology solutions that leave a lasting impression on your clients, partners, shareholders, suppliers and internal teams!

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